الصفحة الرئيسية - تنزيل واتساب الذهبي اخر تحديث WhatsApp Gold Premium APK
الصفحة الرئيسية - تنزيل واتساب الذهبي اخر تحديث WhatsApp Gold Premium APK

تنزيل واتساب الذهبي اخر تحديث WhatsApp Gold Premium APK

أفضل نسخة واتساب ذهبي ✔️ Download Whatsup Gold Premium Plus 2022🌟

WhatsApp Gold Premium Download version V21 via Mediafire

WhatsApp Gold Premium Download version V22 via Mediafire


An instant messaging program called Whatsapp Gold was created by Abu Arab as a modified version of WhatsApp Gold mod. We'll talk about the benefits of this application and how to get it in this article. Follow us and let us know how you found out about WhatsApp Gold premium . The Yemeni developer of Abu Arab, one of the most significant messaging and conversation programs on the social networking platform, also owns a copy of WhatsApp. Download the WhatsApp Gold program because of its crucial features that ease everyone's lives, whether through chats, voice conversations, or video calls, and because it has many advantages and features that are not present in any other application, not even the original application. With the incredible advancement in technology, it is now quite simple to set up a personal account on the WhatsApp apk; all you need is a phone number. Get WhatsApp Gold now.

Golden Whatsapp; Golden Whatsapp Whatsapp Gold Apk✅

Best WhatsApp. The only difference between this version and others is that it has a significant number of features and qualities that are exclusive to it. This version is comparable to all other versions of WhatsApp applications, particularly the green WhatsApp version. The user can use the application with more privacy thanks to the added features. such as; WhatsApp Premium The user experience is different from that of some other conventional applications, and the application comes with all these benefits without charging users a dime and without even a single bit of advertising. However, since WhatsApp Gold is unofficial, users may experience some stability issues with the app. There are three variants of it as well, which you will learn about in the paragraphs that follow.

Regarding the WhatsApp Gold application: In this article, dear guest, we will demonstrate how to download Gold and all try.

Alternatively known as WhatsApp Gold Application. It is one of You may easily use this program by downloading it, installing it on your phone, and then using it after

An overview of the gold WhatsApp update that protects users from bans and hacking✅

Golden mobile device Due to the fact that the Launch the download after clicking the link below our article and entering your phone number. Then, add the desired username. The application will be connected to the device from where it was downloaded once it has been used. Downloading One of the most popular and user-friendly chat programs available is WhatsApp Gold, and because it is designed just for sending and receiving messages, using it is fairly straightforward. The number of its users climbed to more than one billion users in 2017 at the level of only 180 nations after the Facebook firm occupied and purchased this program in 2014. Text and free calls, whether voice calls or video conversations, and it supports a wide range of devices. All of this is in addition to the fantastic features that we will highlight in the post about this application. 

Benefits of installing Golden WhatsApp 2024 Golden WhatsApp Gold✅

WhatsApp Premium The ability to hide several things from friends, including presence in WhatsApp, the fact that you have seen the status, the fact that you are sending a message or recording an audio clip, and the fact that you have received or read the message, is perhaps this version's most noticeable feature. We will discuss each of the many helpful enhancements that make this edition of WhatsApp AP Gold unique in turn.

If you are not online or do not want to react to a message from a friend, you can use this function to automatically reply to their message. You can also set the time the message is sent and the contacts you wish to leave a message for.

With this tool, you may schedule when a message will be automatically delivered✅

Hide talks or chats: This add-on enables you to effortlessly hide any conversation from the list of conversations. To use it, simply long press on the conversation you wish to secure hidden chats. If you wish to reveal it once more, simply choose any discussion by pressing and holding it as you did in the first instance, then select "Show" from the top menu after clicking on the term WhatsApp in the top menu and entering the password you chose.

Using a password to secure the valuable WhatsApp: One of the features provided by WhatsApp developer Abu Arab is

What's the best WhatsApp update in Dubai?

Get WhatsApp Gold.

You can download a range of accessible themes, wallpapers, and stickers, as well as modify the text font of WhatsApp and many other aspects of the application's interface, using the

Upload a video that is longer than 30 seconds: As is common knowledge, the original WhatsApp does not permit the upload of videos longer than 30 seconds. However, by using the "Goldsplit" cuts the video into multiple clips. They last Best WhatsApp.

Download statuses: Unlike the traditional WhatsApp, this version makes it simple

Manage several numbers in WhatsApp: On a

whatsapp gold dhabi update with gold✅

We leave it to you, dear guest, to find out about the additional capabilities that the modified version of WhatsApp contains in addition to those that we have already discussed. It should be noted that this modified version was released in a variety of colors. For example, there is a red WhatsApp, a blue WhatsApp, and a golden WhatsApp. What makes these versions different from one another, and which version should I download and install? Here are the tiniest variations among these versions, which are nearly equal in terms of the features and capabilities they offer.

Features of the newest 10.36 WhatsApp Plus against

This version's opposition

Version 2.19.274

Due to WhatsApp's restrictions, we have some

However, we'll strive to implement these functions eventually.

The program can now be locked using a new option in

This version's ability to play delivered audio samples without pressing the play

The application offers a variety of privacy settings for users, including the ability to conceal

This update also disables the

Through the Privacy option, this version also stops it from appearing as though you have seen the case.

Through the Privacy option, this version stops this message from being forwarded.

With this edition, it is simple to download and copy friends' phone covers.

A custom privacy option can be found by joining any chat and then clicking on the other person's name. You can manage the chat's privacy with this function.

The earlier version's issue with transmitting the site has been resolved.


  • There are other other reforms in addition
  • The most significant upgrades to WhatsApp Gold,
  • Downloading friends' cases is another feature of this
  • the capacity to view


  • There have been numerous new Arabic stickers
  • This version's instances are lengthy and no
  • This version fixes the issue
  • In this version, the issue of not
  • Conversations can be
  • There are numerous other benefits besides those listed above.
  • Whatsapp Gold is not allowed. New WhatsApp Whatsapp Gold
  • Downloading the most recent version of WhatsApp Gold 8.55
  • feature that locks conversations.
  • Feature to hide chats.
  • being able
  • the ability to download different friend cases with

It was updated

All WhatsApp Gold 2021 WhatsApp✅

In addition to the golden WhatsApp And gold, decide which of those versions you want to download to your gadget.

Types of WhatsApp Gold

  • There are three versions of this app, including the WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab version, because the features it offers have led many users to switch to the WhatsApp of the versions of the app to meet specific needs. The most crucial of these characteristics is the benefit of running several phone numbers without the user being banned and without the necessity to root the user's phone, so that the program can add the functions that
  • Blue WhatsApp: This version of WhatsApp was created by Abu Arab to be compatible with phones that have weak capabilities or few resources because it has all the features found in more modern versions and operates on older devices without impairing their performance or effectiveness.
  • Red WhatsApp: This version of WhatsApp allows you to create multiple accounts and supports all devices, including both old and new smartphones.
  • WhatsApp Gold: This is the most well-known and often used version, and it is designed for current smartphones with high capabilities. It includes all the functions listed above.
  • With this straightforward explanation of each version, it is clear that they are all equivalent copies, with the only distinction being the devices that each one supports. If your phone has strong capabilities, you can install any version; if it has weak capabilities, you can install WhatsApp Plus blue.

With a direct relationship, WhatsApp Gold in Abu Dhabi offers privacy 2020 Whatsapp Plus Gold v8.55:✅

The WhatsApp Gold app's user interface:

  • The interface of the WhatsApp Plus Gold application is identical to the interface of the official WhatsApp application; the only addition is the plane button, which, when activated by clicking on it, prevents users from sending or receiving messages within the application. If the user clicks on the conversations properly, the application will also continuously display a long list of tasks for them to complete.
  • The conversations screen in WhatsApp Gold has received numerous additions that give users more privacy. Some of these additions include the capacity to lock conversations using a pattern or secret number, the capacity to move conversations to Google Drive, and the capacity to navigate back to the conversation's opening message.
  • The issue with the toolbar occasionally turning white has been fixed.
  • The problem with themes not showing up on the server has been fixed.
  • The issue with the brown bar that users see as they use the application has been fixed.
  • The ability to send group messages in groups is available.
  • The software has a proxy feature that can be used to unlock blocked calls.
  • It's possible to display the floating button during discussions.
  • Even after a lot of time has elapsed since they were received, it is still possible to delete all messages using this version.
  • Through the home screen, the user can now modify the privacy.
  • The automatic reply or scheduling crash issue that users experienced while switching to English has been fixed in this version.
  • This version includes a variety of new interfaces, one of which is UI Design.

Whatsapp Gold's features Whatsapp Gold APK✅

This version has a new theme, which is a day and night theme.

Additionally, the program now offers a few fresh styles in the vein of Instagram cases.

Some new designs for adding a status in Instagram style are also available in the application.

New styles for the bottom navigation bar are also available in the program.

When the user enables the flying mode and the day and night modes, a new design is implemented that uses a question to prompt the user.

a recent feature that, in the event that the name is lengthy, automatically moves the name to the upper bar.

Additionally, a flight ban has been included, which functions to send a pulse signal when engaged.

Instagram status colors now have a few extra options.

The floating button's appearance has undergone some changes. Forbid** the use of features, additions, and the chat screen to conceal or reveal it.

WhatsApp Gold 2022 for Android may be downloaded via Mediafire.✅

The user can enter cases longer than 700 words in this edition.

The issue with photos not showing up next to media bubbles in groups has been fixed in this version.

The issue with the day and night modes showing up on the groups page and the flying mode button has been fixed.

The issue with the bottom navigation bar and the Arabic language interface has been fixed in this version.

Translations now include some updates.

Through the option on the chats screen, the user can translate text.

There have been more improvements and additions to the application, but we'll let you discover the rest on your own.

Download Golden WhatsApp for Android. most recent WhatsApp update✅

Best WhatsApp Users have downloaded the Golden WhatsApp application in significant numbers, and WhatsApp Gold is among the greatest modified applications since it includes all the functions offered by the modified applications in one place, but in a new version for the developer 3ssem.

The feature of synchronizing the application with the Facebook application is one of the features missing from the WhatsApp Gold application, as it happens within the WhatsApp Gold application, along with not performing enough verification of the transaction. This feature is present within the WhatsApp Messenger application, but it is not present within the WhatsApp Gold application. Additionally, many individuals dislike that if someone gets their hands on your phone number, they can compromise your privacy.

A modified version of the original WhatsApp called WhatsApp Gold was created by the developer Abu Arab, who included a number of features and qualities that the original version lacks. As a result, the application became highly well-liked and well-known among its users.

Everyone should take note of this crucial warning before deleting the previous update 10.35; instead, simply download and install update 10.36 over it.

What's New in the Latest WhatsApp Gold 10.36 Update Base WhatsApp: v22.00✅

  • Add the option to only see who has blocked you.
  • By pressing the "+" button, you can only send any emoji in an interaction to the messages of your choice.
  • Adding the option to choose an emoji for double tapping to like or interact (Golden) Emoji for double-tap interaction can be chosen under Add-ons > Conversation screen.
  • Include a download icon in your profile photographs so you may save them to a gallery.
  • only click twice on the message to like
  • A confirmation message should be included before the case (photo/video) is published.
  • Call incognito mode added
  • Add Informing callers that you are not available
  • Include Facebook's new WhatsApp features.
  • Add contacts easily without disclosing the person's personal information
  • In the crash report page, add a backup.
  • Use an emoji or a search from the Internet as your profile image.
  • Add a complete translation into Punjabi
  • You can now alter the status text's color so that it no longer displays in white and instead takes your chosen color.
  • Better status When switching themes, download buttons and watch status are immediately colored, not green.
  • More ban has been enhanced from version More reading of files has been improved in the new WhatsApp path Activate listening to audio recording in the background.
  • Additional Themes files have been relocated to the Download/GoldThemes directory.
  • I lost track of a lot of other stuff. 
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